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Part of the Heart of Belltown series

It's a fairly non descript building, built in 1923, later altered and modernized. The alley side, as the alley so often does, gives clues to a productive past. The older signs read "Niels Hansen Mfg Co" which was there in the 1930's, along with North Bend Stage Line, Brown Sheet Metal Works, and the Cash Register Exchange. Superimposed over the older sign is "Sportcaster Makers of the Best in Rainwear", from a 1950's tenant. The storefront tenants these days are: Shorty's; Buddha Belltown, and Belltown Feed and Seed. A papered over storefront has a new sign for Creative Bottle and a web address that is not yet active. It's a new mystery. A doorway leads upstairs to a theater practice and performance space, with advertisements for Freehold Theatre, Open Circle Theater, and Macha Monkey Productions.

I shop for my cat at Feed and Seed. One of the proprietors told me, some time ago, that there was a guy in back who repairs musical instruments. I mulled over it for almost a year, the whole mysterious idea of a back of house business. In the meantime, Whiskers opens in a room behind the Feed and Seed. My cat boards there for two weeks, has trouble remembering who I am, and seems quite content to stay. Then Wags moves into that back of house alternate universe, too. People start driving through the alley to drop off and collect their dogs.

One day my curiosity overrides caution. I ask the Feed clarks-tous-femmes-sandales-0nfunk-sukie-kenna-brun-dimru36789 and adidas-un-classique-exalter-blo-authentiques-sacs-bleus-et-achjorsux2-ventre Seed owner if the musical repair guy is still in the back, and if he has a card. She tells me that he's in, to go on back. I enter the world of "back of house", a longish hallway with a surprising number of doors. One door is ajar; I knock and peek in. I explain my mission to the man inside; yes, he does repair clarinets, and he hands me a card. Granlund Woodwind Repair, Scott Granlund, proprietor. I thank him and leave.

After more weeks adidas-hommes-baseball-poweralley-20-crampons-fonctionnant-métalliques-nouvelles-noir-ftw-carbone-blanc-ehilpswz45 of deliberation, I return with two clarinets in hand one to be overhauled, one for spare parts, old, cheap instruments. I once had a professional concert clarinet; now I only play to please myself. The old English bore instrument has a dark, throaty sound that suits me; old and cheap will do. Old and cheap can produce beauty and value, like this old building. If I were to design a building like this, or write guidelines to promote its many uses, I would call it an "incubator" building. But here it is, having evolved without any help from me. I leave the clarinet and go back down the hall.

The Wags dogs have moved into the former cat room; cats are now in another room. A basset hound is laying on adidas-niya-ff-core-noir-chaussures-femmes-généreux-formation-demopz1458 a couch. I stop to visit. I miss the dogs from the Dog Lounge storefront since they left. The Wags keeper comes out; she was just at Tula's next door, where I had lunch, and she ordered a garden burger. The waitress delivered it over here for her. The Tula's building and this one are owned by the same family. These plain old kfnwc5-clarks-monde-fghst12457 buildings adidas-base-essentials-tshirts-tech-vêtements-manches-blanc-court-enfants-fgjqw01348 provide value that isn't easily quantified, a different sort of value from the money to be made in redevelopment of old properties like this.

Some people I work with saw this photo and asked me where it was. They were surprised when I said it was 2nd Avenue. They had expected some exotic destination, a special place that people travel far to enjoy (or they may have been fooled by the palm tree). This is that kind of place. I've traveled far to get here, visited many great places in many cities. This place is special and unique, and is part of the neighborhood I live in. It has seen worse times. It could be better than it is. What makes it unique could also be irretrievably lost. I just enjoy it now, while we're both here, me and this old neighborhood.

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